Hobby Cakes in Muskoka - IMPORTANT INFO.
Hobby Cakes in Muskoka - Let Your Day Be A Little Sweeter
  As of this year, I have decided to not do wedding cakes or weddings anymore.  

  For any orders, please try and give me at least 1 months' notice, in case I have to order any specific items in for your event.  Please also understand, if you do inquire about a cake/cupcake/cookie/cakepop order, be sure to book it as soon as you can.   Other inquiries do come in, and I am booking up quickly.  This will ensure your order will be inked in my dayplanner, and you won't be disappointed if you wait to long to confirm.
  I DO NOT have gluten, sugar-free, vegan free or peanut free product.  I cannot guarantee that the product is completely allergen free.
   I can deliver product in most of the immediate Muskoka area.  (ie: Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Huntsville) 
  If you are out of town, I can try and accommodate by meeting you half way at a destination.  A delivery fee may apply, depending on location.
  Payment made in cash only or cheque made out to me, Jocelyn Stokes. E-transfer is also accepted. I am not set up for credit card payments.

  No deposit is required for most orders, however, other conditions may apply for a very large order.

  If you don't see a flavour or cake size on the website that you would like, just ask me, and I might be able to accommodate.
  If you find that you are in a pinch for a cake/cupcakes and it's after hours, please call or email me.  I just may be able to help you out..  I can't guarantee anything, but I will certainly try to accommodate.

One frequent question is: why are your cakes so expensive?....I am not a grocery store bakery.  I do not have icing, baked cakes delivered to my shop. And my cakes don't come off of an assembly line.  Please understand, it takes time to figure out what ingredients are necessary, then using gas to go purchase the ingredients, make it, order certain products  online, clean up, packaging your product and delivery.  And above all, I don't work for free.  I take a lot of special care in developing something you can enjoy.  Sometimes, making a fondant topper for a cake, can take up to one week-   I try to stay competitive with other cake decorators out there and will always try to give you the best possible price.

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